Korean War (1950-1953)

The Korean war began on he twenty-fifth of June, 1950.  After months of disputes over the border between North and South Korea, and fruitless efforts to unite the two countries under one government, North Korea invaded its southern neighbor.  On behalf of the southern province, nations in alliance with the United States stepped in to lend support and personnel.  Soon afterward, China joined North Korea’s forces, to repel South Korean counter-attacks. 

Known as the “Forgotten War,” the Korean War never settled the disputes for which it was intended.  The border between the two countries, the thirty-eighth parallel, remained.  An armistice was signed three years later, on the twenty-seventh of July, officially ending the war.

Endless Mountains Contribution

The Korean War saw very little involvement from the Endless Mountains area. Lycoming Engines of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, continued to manufacture aircraft parts, as it had in the Second World War.
There are no records of military service in the Korean War from the Endless Mountains area, but it is estimated that less than 20 men served in the war.