Vietnam War (1959-1975)

The Vietnam War, often referred to by many as the Vietnam Conflict, was a six year fight for the transformation of the South Vietnamese government.

Intent on overthrowing the nationalist government of its southern neighbor, North Vietnamese factions poured into the province, and with the help of pro-communist South Vietnamese guerillas known as the Vietcong, successfully established communism and united the two nations. United States and South Vietnamese forces fought to repel the anti-nationalist forces, but ultimately, their efforts were to no avail.

The Vietnam War effectively ended for the United States with the large-scale withdrawal of American soldiers from 1973 to 1975. The War was soon afterward declared a victory for the North Vietnamese; today, the ethics of the war still remain questionable.

Endless Mountains Contribution

Nearly 50 men and women from the Endless Mountains Area helped the Vietnam War effort; 37 men enlisted from the area, of which 29 returned in the early 1970’s. Of the 37 men who enlisted, nearly half that number fought with the 101st Air Cavalry.

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The knife shown, known as the KA-BAR (kay-barr) , was a standard-issue combat knife that could be used alternately for survival purposes, for everything from cutting brush to slicing bread.
The pouch displayed often held a variety of personal items, including cigarettes, pain-killers and additional ammunition.
The small case shown housed a simple compass, an item vital to survival in the North-Vietnamese jungle.


The "boonie hat" pictured was first employed by Green Berets in the Vietnam War; although lacking in protection against small arms fire or artillery, the hat included a removable screen which guarded against insects, severe weather, and other elements of the jungle.


The holster pictured carried a standard-issue sidearm, typically a 1911-model .45 caliber pistol.