About Exhibits

The Endless Mountains Museum enthuses its visitors with exhibits ranging from the days of the American Revolution to the recent Operation Iraqi Freedom, with a display of nearly every major military conflict between. The museum's focus is centered on the Second World War; the Endless Mountains Museum has recently built a new wing singularly for emphasis on World War II.

The exhibits generally consist of complete, authentic military uniforms, an array of weapons pertaining to the era, as well as personal belongings, newspaper articles, photographs and more.

Curator Jack Craft is pleased to offer visitors exhibits with local, personal ties to history- including displays dedicated to living veterans- and is equally pleased to allow viewers a close look- along with the chance to hold a firearm, or look through a pair of antique field glasses- something that many larger military museums prohibit.

To see an outline of each exhibit, scroll over the 'Exhibits' tab above and select the exhibit you wish to explore.

The exhibits listed on this web site are by no means to the extent of the Endless Mountains' collection. At the museum, you will also find exhibits on the Spanish American War, the Gulf War and Desert Storm.