Interactive World War II Exhibit

The exhibit shown below features memorabilia of Charles Sechrist from Williamsport PA, who completed his Airplane Mechanics Training in February 1943 and was assigned to the 466th Bomb Squadron in the US. He shipped out to England in September where he was assigned as a combat flight engineer on a B-17 with the 377th Bomb group 524th Bomb Squadron. He flew bombing missions from November 1943 to February 1944. His B-17 was shot down in February 1944 over Germany and he was taken prisoner and assigned to a prisoner of war camp in Germany. He was released upon liberation of the camp in March of 1944 and was discharged on December 3rd, 1945.

Roll over the highlighted parts of the featured exhibit for a close up look and explanation of the piece.

A V-mail (reduced size letter) from Mr Sechrist while stationed in England.

An American flag made by Mr. Sechrist while inside the POW camp, showing the patriotic nature of the young enlistees. 

A cartoon drawn by Mr. Sechrist of himself parachuting into Germany, far behind enemy lines.




The POW Dog tag (ID) and Sechrist's prisoner number that were assigned to him inside the camp.


Insignia of the 8th air Force who flew missions out of England during WWII, and who Sechrist flew with for a short period of time.



Sechrist's Airman's Wings that he had made into a bracelet while inside the POW camp.
A letter sent to Sechrist, from his mother, upon hearing that he had survived after being shot down and declared MIA.
A souvenir 5-Mark German bill from the camp.